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AydesCS is a web based app platform which enables to perform operations such as research and rescue, inventory mapping and damage assesment on large scale by utilizing optical and satellite remote sensing images.

Rapid Damage Assessment & Disaster Relief based on Crowdsourcing Crowdsourcing and Social Media Integration for Rapid Damage Assesment It can enable relief to arrive sooner on the sceen where it's most needed High Availability & Scalability It's platform Platform free can be used from desktop, IOS and android

Once a disaster occurs an operation for relief starts The satellite remote images will be gathered and get chopped into pieces called tiles Each tile is given to many member of the crowd. A tile may have be given to even more than 300 people on the same time. Crowd members are now assigned to accomplish their tasks. They'll be asked to put marks on places the map pieces where they think the disaster damaged. So disaster relief teams and resources can be shared right based on need.


Damage Assesment

Deprem, sel, yangın gibi doğal afetlerin, olay öncesi ve sonrası görüntülerinin karşılaştırılarak hasara maruz kalmış bölgelerin tespiti ve derecelendirilmesini sağlar.

Inventory Mapping

Afetselliği yüksek bölgelerin, olası bir afet durumunda afetten etkilenebilecek bölgelerin tespiti, kritik tesis ve binaların envanterinin önceden belirlenmesine uygun altyapı ve araçları içerir.

Search and Rescue

Geniş alanlarda meydana gelen kaybolma, mahsur kalma gibi olaylar sonrası bölgenin incelenerek kaybolan araç ve insanların hızlı bir şekilde tespit edilmesini sağlar.

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AFAD Map and Report List, it contains details of map reports and all sort of detailed analysis of accident date, disaster type and affected region.

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  • 2013-2014

    Our Humble Beginnings

    AYDES-CS is an enterprise crowdsourcing platform for disaster management and geospatial image analysis. Since 2014, AYDES-CS Crowdsourcing Platform has been operational in using crowdsourcing to rapidly label satellite imagery for rapid damage assessment. For this purpose, geospatial image is partitioned in space and each private or public expert/volunteer in the pool studies the partition assigned to him/her. On-site damage assessment data are collected in a very short time after a disaster, with very low costs by using the crowd. The solution to the original problem is obtained by merging the partial solutions to use while responding to crises around the globe.

  • March 2014

    Rapid Damage Assessment & Disaster Relief based on Crowdsourcing:

    AYDES-CS Crowdsourcing Platform allows capable crowds to participate in damage assessment and search-rescue tasks by using simply validating/annotating a piece of remote sensing imagery. To generate up-to-date disaster map by using AYDES-CS Platform, on-site damage assessment data are collected after a disaster and analysed by the system. Using these maps, relief organizations can coordinate resource distribution and make better decisions based on their analysis of crowdsourced data.

  • December 2014

    Crowdsourcing and Social Media Integration for Rapid Damage Assesment:

    Social media can positively impact disaster relief efforts to tihs end integration of social media stream (ie. Such as on-site photos after disaster from tweets), crowdsourcing, and collaborative tools into disaster relief systems is critical to create reliable outputs.

  • July 2015

    High Availability & Scalability:

    Robustnes, high availability and scalability are key challenges of enterprise crowdsourcing platforms. AYDES-CS is a extensible and proven open-source Technologies, such as core of application containers powered by dockers, kubernates and openshift for orchestration/management/automations.


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